I am a Fine Art and Conceptual photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I trained and worked as a Veterinarian for many years before deciding that wasn't the right career for me, and I have since found my passion in creating conceptual and surreal photographic imagery.

Through my images I want to tell a story.  I want to show you an inner world.  A world that makes you wonder, a world that makes you question, but ultimately a world that you believe in.  My inspiration comes from everywhere - a verse of poetry I can't forget, a song lyric on repeat in my head, a piece of news that grasped hold of my mind, or a fragment of a dream remembered.  And sometimes I throw all my plans out the window and shoot what is in front of me because of the sheer power of my surroundings.

When I am photographing I like to get close to my model.  I like to fill my frame with my subject, sometimes only a part of them, and then take additional frames to build my vision outwards.  Almost all of my images are created this way, with some pieces comprising over 40 individual frames.  This provides me with a huge amount of information to work with when I am processing my images, and it allows for very large prints to be made with the presence of fine details that would otherwise be lost if I photographed my images in a more traditional way.  I use a variety of editing techniques, such as compositing, colour grading and lighting adjustments, to create drama and draw your eye where I want it to go.  I am a lover of not just photography, but of the processes involved in turning what is in my imagination into a reality.   I usually spend at least 10 hours editing a single image, quite often significantly more.  This is a process that takes time, and one I have no desire to rush. 

Have a look at the images in my Fine Art Gallery.  Images are available to purchase as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.  If you have any questions, or would like to discuss booking me for a commissioned portrait, please do get in touch.  


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