A Little Bit of Pure Big Bang


As often is the case, I was inspired to create this piece by a poem.  I read 'Girl With a Balloon' by Rebecca Elson many years ago and two things from that poem have stuck with me through the years.  The first is a note that appears at the beginning, telling us that 'most of the helium in the universe was create in the Big Bang', and the second is the last stanza of the poem -

'As leaning out the window
You might see a child
Going down the road,
A red balloon,
A little bit of pure Big Bang,
Bobbing at the end of her string.'

                                                   ~ Rebecca Elson

I love the idea that a helium balloon contains part of the start of our Universe.  How wondrous is that?   And yet, how often in life do we really see and appreciate wonders like this that are all around us?  How often do they go unnoticed as we grow older, and our attentions are distracted by a million mundane things?  How often do we just let them slip through our fingers?  I know I miss them more often than I would like.  

Many, many thanks go out to Kara Queen, my delightful model; and Nicola King who was an invaluable asset in getting this shot!