How Colour Can Change So Much

I've just finished another image I took back in August at the Brooke Shaden Photographer's Retreat in Norfolk.  I originally created the image with a very different colour scheme from where I have ended up.  And honestly, I've found it very hard to choose which version to go with. I'm half tempted to have more than one!

Here is the Original edit I did


Then I added a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer and played with varying opacities of it over the image.  You can see how just one layer at different strengths can change the feel of an image.  From the left is the original, then I increased the strength of the hue/saturation layer by 25% in each subsequent image, with the final image showing it at full strength.


There is something to be said for all of them, especially the first and last I feel,  and I tried several variations with a combination of the coloured foliage and the original dress colour.  In the end I decided I really loved the nighttime feel of the final image which I think adds to the slightly spooky feeling of voyeurism and wondering what she heard behind her in the dark.  It is almost Hallowe'en after all.