Au Revoir, Mr Slump.

Sorry guys, I suck at maintaining a blog.  I have lots of excuses, probably all boring ones, but I guess it all boils down to going through one of those times that we all face in life - when we are in an unmotivated slump.  For me, these slumps are difficult to get out of.  I fall easily into their dark embrace, feeling like all of my ideas suck, or if the idea doesn't suck then my execution of it certainly does.  I've got a whole stack of half-edited images from this time period that taunt me every time I open them up to see if, just maybe I was mistaken.  That maybe, there is something salvageable in there...  But nope, after I spend just five futile minutes working on them, I still hate them.  

So, my friends, if you too sometimes feel like you are producing utter dross, you are not alone.  I think that's what I didn't appreciate - that I'm not the only one who occasionally hates their own work.  In fact, the more I've spoken to other photographers and artists, I've discovered how totally normal that is.  We just don't see it.  Everyone puts their best work forward, and that's what we see, and what we compare our failures to.  But that's not fair to ourselves, and hard as it is we need to stop doing it.  I've pulled myself out of my slump through those realisations, and through accepting my weaknesses while not forgetting to remember my strengths. Everyone fails sometimes.  Not every piece is going to be a Masterpiece.  It's OK.

I've had to struggle with not judging my worth as an artist by the work of others.  Their journey has not been mine, and if I think their work is "better" than mine, well maybe it is and maybe it isn't.  Either way it just doesn't matter.  To quote Mary Schmich, "Don't waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself."

With that said, I plan on keeping this blog up and running and to that end, I've got a few pieces in the pipeline about some recents (and not so recent) shoots.  So, please keep following along with my journey and I'll endeavour not to lapse again on the blogging front!